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Born in Manchester has this quartet the Jakpot just started to catch the people into their vibes full of Indie and dance stuff. An Indie-combo deluxe formed by member Mark and Matt, latter added by Joe and Neil. Still a secret tip in Germany, are they already established in good old Britain. Their music makes you wanna dance and sing. They fill the room with a touch of joy, fun and grove. The Questions of the missing C in their name is just a case of symmetry or better a way of unique. They don’t wanna be in a flow of those bands who conquers the teen pages. The Jakpot are already adult. Their sound is flowing your mind with indie-ness and gets you into the cycle of real hand made music. Jakpots EP is already released. In Germany via Little Teddy Records. “The turning point” takes you to the point to chose between those random New Rave Hype bands where people care more about the colour of their shoes and not how the guitarist plays the new shit or the good old indie heart way which bands like the Rifles and the Long Blondes already walked.

Check out the Jakpot at myspace.

read the interview do it!!!

12.6.07 21:15

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