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The Jakpot interview

1.) Please introduce yourself!

(In german) .. My name is Neil.

(Back to English) I’m Joe, I’m Mark and I’m Matt.

2.) Please describe each other

Matt: Neil is honest and charming..

(During this question a girl came to give the band flyers for a different gig in cologne. Which is at the similar time as their gig but she promised free entry. *thumbs up*)

Matt again: Mark is a very nice guy! Talks a lot shit and is very sarcastic.

(Next break because Neil ordered 4 Kölsch in German)

3.) Why did you choose the name the Jakpot?

Mark: ..Because we had a song called jakpot and so we choose it for the band.

…and why do you write it without the C?

Mark: …because of symmetry (laughs)!! It makes it more unique!

(After this question we had a tough football goalkeeper discussion and the reporter attacked the lead singer with a pencil. The star survived. )

4.) When did you decide to start Jakpot?

Matt: Probably two years ago (suddenly a loud Goal scream from Matt). Mark and I decided to start it and later the other band members joined the band,

5.) When do you release the Album? You have just an EP right?

Mark: we don’t know yet. Maybe we re not telling you (Mark tries to look mean and angry) noo just a joke (laughs). We don’t know yet.

6.) Who writes the songs?

Matt: I do it.

So you are the brain of the band?

Yeeees I am.

7.) Where was the worst gig ever?

Mark: Probably in Cologne (laughs)

8.) Where’s your favourite place to play?

Matt: Well..on a stage? Haha it was in Halle in Germany. We like Germany a lot!

9.) What was the most embarrassing moment?

Matt: Last night…Neil played a totally different song or another day we played a gig and I got electroshocks of the microphone and so the sound-guard put a condom on tot. I was singing into a condom, it was horrible! I felt like Elton John!

(Again a short break for drawing angry elephants, girls and sandwiches)

10) Do you have any weird obsessions?

Mark: no sorry. We don’t have any weird obsessions.

11.) What do you plan for the future?

Matt: (laughing) To play a good gig. To go back to the hotel, to sleep…

No breakfast?

Oh yes if it’s included! (Still laughing)

The Jakpot Mixtape Download Tips Deluxe!!

1.) So long Marianne - Leonard Cohen

2.) Alarm Clock - Rumble Strips

3.) Happy as Annie - Larrikin Love

4.) Once and never again - the Long Blondes

5.) Achey Brakey Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

6.) Young folks - Peter Björn and John

7.) Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll - Art Brut

8.) Bakck in Black - Ac/Dc

9.) Paul Simon- Me and Julio down by the school yard

10.) Magnificent 7 - The Clash





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